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19 Aug

Haute Trends: Oversized earrings to make a statement


Earrings are the number one accessory to make a style statement; they take the attention away if your hair is having a bad day, or if your face looks as sleep deprived as it really is. A bold pair of earrings grab attention, oomph up a look, as well as complete it. Especially if you’re opting for a minimal outfit, a pair of killer earrings look absolutely perfect, and these days earrings are getting larger and more attention grabbing than ever before!

Here are some of our top picks from the styles that are trending this season…

Oversized hoops


They really should be called hula hoop earrings now!

Yes, it’s like we’re back in the early 2000s except that the classic hoop has gotten bigger than ever! Hoops look great with western wear no doubt, but try on a gold pair with a plain black kameez to make a statement.

Dangling tassel earrings


Deepika sure did it before everyone else followed

The longer the better, we’d say! Nowadays there are an insane number of styles in store when it comes to tassel earrings, from beaded designs to layered ones, pretty much everyone is doing it!

Pyaala Jhumkas


The classic appeal of a jhumka is timeless

Nothing compares to the classic desi jhumka, but recently it has been taken up a notch with the oversized pyaala. No desi wardrobe is complete without a pair of pyaala jhumkas, and be it a aari or shalwar kameez, jhumkas are your number one option for shaadi functions.

Animal inspired


From a recent collection by Outhouse

Be it creepy crawlies, or snakes, animals seem to be a big source of inspiration for brands these days! While bugs normally give us the heebie-jeebies, we did opt for a a pair of gold bug earrings by Sapphire, and we love the funky touch they add.

Huge stones


Esfir Jewels always have lots of statement accessories

Stones are always in, and this is another pair that can go with eastern or western wear. They aren’t the most comfortable, but hey who said beauty comes easy? And the glistening of a stone sure is beautiful.

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Mariam Tahir

The author is Assistant Editor at Something Haute, plus a fashion student who loves reading, traveling, eating and sleeping but manages to find time in between to write.