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17 Jun

Haute Trends: A retro Eid with Ismail Farid

Ismail Farid

There are only a handful of names that come to mind when we think of stylish avant garde yet sophisticated menswear and Ismail Farid definitely tops the list. Though the designer prefers to stay away from the limelight when it comes to fashion weeks, he still managed to bag four LSAs over the years for Best Menswear Designer, and that really is something!

Eid is a time when the fashion industry is in full swing with numerous collections and exhibitions for the festive season, it is also one of the few occasions that menswear gets the attention it really deserves! With Model of the Year Hasnain Lehri, who has the panache to make anything look good, Farid’s latest collection features a strong campaign. He has brought on a line of classic shalwar kameez with a retro touch, along with a line of bohemian inspired kurta pajamas. While the shalwar kameez collection is featured with retro themed props like antique phones, books and clocks, which give each shot a complete look, the kurta pyjamas are accessorized with a rugged look and quirky accessories.


All the details you need for a sleek look!

We spoke to the designer who listed down the major trends and details he focused on for this collection, all of which are practical and on-point to give your Eid look some extra oomph!

Replacing embroideries with alternate embellishments


Ismail Farid


As the designer aptly put it, “You can’t wear the same embroidered kurta you wear for shaadis to your morning Eid namaz; it has to be trendy with a desi touch.” Hence the use of various kinds of pocket chains on the waistcoats, and metallic buttons on the kurtas add great finesse to each outfit, while giving it the perfect accessory.

Touch of print



While we like menswear to be as understated and minimal as possible, small details are what take Ismail Farid’s traditional wear a long way! The designer has added a sprinkle of retro prints, like plaid and the infamous houndstooth, in his designs and made a winning combination. He has also made use of printed linings on the front, along with monograms in different styles and sizes on his kurtas

Stylized collars



The collection steps away from the monotony of the sherwani collar and brings in a much needed array of various styles like the high-collar, the mandarin, and different twists on the typical shirt-collar. All of these are wearable, yet add an innovative touch to what would otherwise be a run-of-the-mill shalwar kameez.




While the waistcoat and its variants have made a grand comeback, one can’t help but question if we’re already going overboard with this trend. “It’s what you see on every TV show these days,” Ismail told us, “even though there are so many ways you can experiment with just those two items.”

And he has done precisely that. Bringing on interesting colour options in cobalt blue, a classic white-on-white, and two specific ones in denim blue and denim grey that are to be worn as matching separates with kurtas of the same colour for a unique look. Our personal favourite though would be this diagonally buttoned black number, because of it’s interesting silhouette that not only stands out, but also gives a killer sleek look.



Ismail Farid


It’s no surprise that our men don’t know how to accessorize right, since they’ve barely ever been shown how to do so! This campaign however has matched some fun accessories with its outfits to add a stylish and innovative touch. While the use of the quirky hats may only be for those who can carry out a style statement, the beaded wristbands and classy pocket-chains are perfect to take any look up a notch!


Mariam Tahir

The author is Assistant Editor at Something Haute, plus a fashion student who loves reading, traveling, eating and sleeping but manages to find time in between to write.