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21 May

Here are 3 possible endings that we see for drama serial Khaani

Drama serial Khaani is nearing its end, with a possible two or three episodes left. And according to Feroze Khan, who refused to divulge any conclusive details when we called him, there is emotion, action and back to back twists and turns in every episode now.

Recapping the last episode, we now know that the once ruthless and incorrigible Mir Hadi is on the path to redemption. He has left his parents’ home and life of entitlement and power and has taken refuge at a shrine. His father, Mir Shah, is worried because of a) the upcoming election and b) he fears he has lost his son. In that order. The mother is shattered.

On the other end, Khaani is back in her husband’s home as he has undying love for her and begged her to return. Arham has also promised to reopen Sarim’s murder case and have Mir Hadi convicted for the crime he has committed. Arham’s mother, however, has refused to forgive Khaani of the lies she has told, and that situation is causing a lot of stress.

We’re sure you’re all speculating possible endings because that’s what we’ve been doing too. Here’s all we think can happen…


Do you want to see Khaani with Arham or Mir Hadi? Be fair…


  1. The likeliest ending

Mir Hadi realises that the only way to clear his conscience is to surrender and confess his crime. He goes to jail, Mir Shah loses the election, Sitara goes crazy. On the other side, Khaani and her family finally find peace as justice is served, Khaani and Arham have a baby that they name Sarim, because of whom Arham’s mother finally forgives Khaani. They live happily ever after.


  1. The most dramatic ending

Arham gets the case reopened, which riles Mir Shah to no end. Arham discovers that Mir Hadi is at the mazarand Mir Shah discovers that Arham is going there to confront him. He also approaches, with his armed posse, and as his hit man shoots Arham (in slow motion), Mir Hadi jumps in and takes the bullet. The end.


  1. The most wanted ending

We really need to stretch our imagination to even remotely fathom a happy ending for Mir Hadi and Khaani, but if we do (on popular demand), then we see this scenario: Mir Hadi confesses and surrenders and goes to jail. Iffat, Arham’s mother, refuses to forgive Khaani, and Khaani now sick of the situation, leaves. At some point Khaani realises the love Mir Hadi has for her and she begins to fall for him. Mir Shah also milks the situation to his favour and wins the election, thus shortening Mir Hadi’s sentence. Fast forward five years, Mir Hadi is released from jail, and Khaani is waiting for him outside the jail. They get married and have a baby, who they name Sarim. In any given scenario, a baby has to be born and he has to be called Sarim.


Which ending would you prefer to see and can you think of a fourth?


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