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17 Apr

Foreign brands at Dolmen that you must check out!

Shopping is an obvious option when thinking of fun things to do in your free time and with summer vacations coming up, we all need to stock up on holiday clothes. We’ve spared you the effort of looking for where to shop by heading over to Dolmen Mall ourselves and doing a little survey of the best places to go when looking for smart and diverse clothing that’ll take you from Karachi to the world. You’ve worked hard all week; you deserve to buy something nice for yourself over the weekend!

Charles & Keith

Charles and Keith is one of the most reliable international brands in Pakistan. You know you’ll always find something great there and the quality of their products is incredible too. Their handbags and shoes are very durable and they last for a long time. This means that it’s a decent investment, even if their prices are a little bit on the hefty side. The brand has a wide range of exquisite products to choose from: Handbags, shoes, wallets and sunglasses. However, we personally always keep an eye out for one thing.

Something Haute Loves: Their shoes! Charles & Keith has some of the most sophisticated designs and we love their colour palette. We always find our favourite shades of tan and ochre in their shoes. Whether it’s a strappy sandal or a fancy stiletto, Charles & Keith is always well equipped.




We can’t even begin to start listing down all the products which Accessorize offers because their store has almost every accessory one can think of. They have a wide variety of dangling earrings and pearly studs, chunky necklaces and delicate chains, watches, bracelets, anklets – you name it! They even have a fabulous collection of scarves that come in unique designs but since they’re mostly woolly and not appropriate for the Karachi summer, this isn’t the product we’re craving at the moment.

Something Haute Loves: Their cross-body satchel bags! Huge purses have now become a thing of the past (thank God because they’re not very practical for daily life) and women are now moving towards smaller handbags that carry just the essential things. The collection of cross-body bags at Accessorize is really wonderful and thankfully, their price range is rather affordable as well!





Why should only women have all the fun? Thankfully, Pakistani men have started paying more attention to their clothes and have become more comfortable with spending money on themselves. So all the men who’re looking to splurge on themselves this week, check out Next. They have a really good range of cotton shirts and polo neck t-shirts.

Something Haute Loves: Their jeans! It’s very difficult to find the right pair of jeans but Next has a good range of light-washed jeans to choose from. The price tag might be a little high but these are the kind of pants you’ll be wearing for a good four or five years.




The best thing about Mango is that it seems to cater to the fashionable needs of mature, elegant women as well as younger girls who are more experimental with their style. It’s the one place where you’ll find the perfect white blazer to go with your cotton blouse as well as a wide range of funky shoes (such as the ones pictured below).

Something Haute Loves: The metallic sneakers! The metallic shoe trend isn’t new but it’s one of our favourite shoe trends. Thankfully, Mango currently has two really stylish metallic shoes in stock. We personally loved the gold, metallic loafers!




Debenhams is one of those stores that literally has everything. It’s a one stop shop where you can find your whole look: shoes, bags, perfumes, sunglasses, accessories, clothes (for men and women). Since the store holds collections from many different brands, one is bound to find a price range that is suitable for them. On our latest visit to Debenhams, we saw something that instantly caught our attention.

Something Haute Loves: Their futuristic, asymmetrical designs! It’s easy to find the typical straight silhouettes everywhere but Debenhams has a really fun collection of futuristic designs. For everyone else is who needs a break from floral prints then Debenhams is the place for you.


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