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25 Feb

Here’s every controversy that has followed PSL 5


The PSL 5 opening ceremony took place in Karachi and had several unexpected failures. This fired up Pakistanis to take to Twitter and voice their rather brutal opinions about everything that went down. The biggest controversies that unfolded and actually resulted in unexpected changes were about the host VJ Ahmed Godil and this year’s PSL anthem.

Here’s the summary of the list of events:


1. The host

Ahmed Godil, who made headlines right after the show for his performance, was subjected to severe trolling by Pakistanis online. As a response, he initially took to social media to accuse the audience of being jealous. On top of this, somehow his personal phone number was leaked over Facebook. This resulted in even more trolling and innumerable threatening calls and messages. However, things took a more severe turn when people started hurling abuses at not just him but his family and friends as well.



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He then resorted to going on morning shows (which he wasn’t allowed to) and said that the show was poorly managed, due to which he had to host the show while he was only hired for crowd engagement. To add to this, he made claims that he was instructed to not play any Ali Zafar songs in PSL. As a result, he was sacked by PSL and PCB for any future events. In response, he took to Twitter to let out his frustration, sarcastically congratulating everybody who trolled him.

You can watch the entire episode unfold on his social media.



2. The anthem


The second biggest controversy that took place was regarding the PSL anthem that let down fans in a drastic way. The much-anticipated PSL anthem was a collaboration between Ali Azmat, Asim Azhar, Haroon and Arif Lohar. As the ceremony started, not only did the song become an immediate letdown, but the mismanagement during the performance infuriated the fans even more.

Angry PSL fans took out their frustrations over Twitter and claimed how Ali Zafar had created a much better anthem previously. This reaction managed to reach Ali Azmat, who voiced his opinion on a popular TV show, claiming that his ‘rivals’ (pointing at Ali Zafar)  had paid bloggers to spread hatred about his new song. As a response to this allegation, Ali Zafar posted a sarcastic video on social media.



“Whatever problem you’re facing in your life, don’t blame yourself, blame me,” he said in the video. The following day, the host of the same show challenged Ali Zafar over a phone call and asked him to make a new song for his fans, regardless of him being hired by PSL or not. He agreed in the end and now fans are eagerly waiting for his new cricket song. Let’s hope his song lives up to the hype or the Twitterati’s brutal streak will be unleashed on him as well.




Eman Lakhany