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25 Apr

Here’s how much your favourite TikTok stars are earning

TikTok has an unusual amount of following that we can never explain. Many Pakistanis have taken to the app to make a wide range of videos to create different kinds of content. However, despite the criticism, TikTok stars are apparently earning a hefty sum!

Recently, Ahsan Khan invited several of these stars including, Aiman Zaman, Mujtaba Lakhani, Sherry and Mishal butt, and Areeqa Haq, on his show BOL Nights with Ahsan Khan. In the discussion, each of them revealed how they rose to fame with the app. It seemed surprising that they had such massive fan following on the app but what was even more surprising was how much they were EARNING through the app.

When Ahsan inquired about an average amount of their monthly income, this is what each of them revealed:


1. Areeqa Haq – 150-200k




She revealed that she is easily able to earn between Rs150k – 200K every month depending on how much brand business she is willing to take. This left Ahsan shellshocked and he analysed the situation saying, “So, she’s basically telling us all that you should leave your job and start making TikToks and you’re set.”


2. Sherry and Mishal Butt – 400k


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They revealed that on average they’re earning 200k each. Also, depending on how much ad business they take, their income can rise drastically. Apparently brands are willing to pay a 100k just for a fifteen-second shoutout video! They also conveyed that they’re planning on diversifying their income by releasing new music as well.


3. Aiman Zaman and Mujtaba Lakhani – 160k




They revealed that on average they’re earning 160k from the app, however, that’s not their only source of income. Mujtaba runs an automobile showroom whereas Aiman is trying to build an acting career.

To get more insight into the lives of TikTok stars you can watch the entire interview here:



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