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31 Jul

Here’s how our stars will celebrate Eid ul Azha in a pandemic

Eid ul Azha

Eid in a pandemic is a different experience altogether; no hugs and kisses, no large gatherings and hence the fun of evening parties and late night dinners is missing. We already celebrated Eid ul Fitr under strict lockdown and now it is time for the second festive occasion of the year — Eid ul Azha — and BBQ nights won’t be the same anymore!

Keeping in mind that we are living in an unprecedented times, especially for younger generation, a sacrificial animal-less Eid is no celebration. Though the government passed many stipulations and guidelines in the light of COVID-19, we are not sure how many of them were followed. So to set the right example, Something Haute got in touch with a few celebrities to find out how they will be celebrating Eid ul Azha this year.

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Faysal Quraishi has opted for online qurbani this time and rightly so!

“I’m not doing qurbani at home this time. I opted for online qurbani and the way to go about it is that you appoint a witness who will attest the ritual; just like the way qurbani happens all over the world,” Faysal said.

Eid ul Azha

“I didn’t want to bring animals at home when I’m not sure whether they are properly tested or not. It is a crucial time so we’ve to go about it carefully and responsibly while following Sunnat-e-Ibrahimi,” he added.

Mohib Mirza shared that he will be very careful about SOPs because that is the norm now.

“I am going to fully stick to the protocols and SOPs as I am responsible for my parents’ health as well as others around me and myself too. Baqi Eid Mubarak laikin dour se!” he said.

Junaid Khan also agreed with his fellow actors and shared that the Islamic custom can be followed responsibly.

“Yes, qurbani is an essential practice being a Muslim, though I’ll keep it very simple like always,” Junaid said.

Ali Rehman Khan is also avoiding crowds this Eid and will rely on professionals to do qurbani on his behalf.

“I’m planning to celebrate Eid at home with my parents. We have planned to do qurbani but will give it to a professional organization who will do the qurbani for us and distribute the meat to the poor. Most probably, it will be Edhi Welfare. My number one priority is to stay away from crowds for the sake of my family,” he said.

Wishing everyone, celebrating today as well as tomorrow, a happy and responsible Eid ul Azha!


Syeda Zehra

The author is Assistant Editor at Something Haute. A journalist by profession, the writer has a penchant for films, fashion and music.