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18 Mar

In today’s news: Hira Mani pokes fun at Americans for being too cautious about coronavirus

For the last few weeks, while the world is shutting down amidst the coronavirus pandemic, Hira mani, Humayun Saeed and Adnan Siddiqui are on a meet and greet tour in the US for Meray Pass Tum Ho.

And the tour has landed at least one of them in hot water. Hira, who is anyway quite blunt, apparently mocked Americans for being too cautious following an alarming increase in the number of coronavirus cases these past couple of days.


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Hira made the comment following a mall visit where she said she only saw desi people working, while all the white people seemed to be on a “holiday”. She then preceded to let out a laugh at the apparent ridiculousness and said, “Ye gore bohot phattu nikley [these white people turned out to be scaredy-cats].”



While it is not uncommon for Pakistanis to use humour as a coping mechanism for serious issues, this pandemic isn’t a joking matter. People are dying and countries are going on lockdown but here’s Hira Mani singing a sweet melody for the coronavirus: “Corona mujhey na hona.



While Hira might be immune to the virus, because it sure does look like it, keeping all things in mind and with their huge following, Pakistani celebrities should be very careful about the message they are sending out to their fans amidst this dark time. Let’s all please stay at home and not become a carrier of the disease. Let’s save ourselves as well as others!



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