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22 May

Hira Mani talks about her upcoming Eid telefilm alongside husband Mani

Hira and Mani are all set to appear on screen again in an Eid telefilm directed by Erum Binte Shahid.

Talking exclusively to Something Haute, Hira Mani revealed details about the project; a lighthearted comedy about a bubbly girl Annie, played by Hira. The story revolves around Annie, her khala who is her partner in crime, and Badar, her love interest.

“Annie is a character who keeps everyone on their toes,” Hira explains about her character.

Annie, persistently teases Badar but all in good humour, as she is actually in love with him. It seems the two characters share the same dynamic as Hira and Mani in real life.



When asked about the chemistry she shares with Mani onscreen, Hira expressed how fulfilling this telefilm has been for her, as she has gotten a chance to do comedy alongside Mani after a long time.

Heaping praises for her husband, Hira talked about how great Mani’s comedic timing is. ”Working on a comedy play with Mani is an experience in itself. I had to constantly make an effort to match up to him,” Hira said. We’re sure it turned out fine, thanks to the natural chemistry the two share!

Hira’s commitment to her craft shines through in the majority of her performances, and she believes she brings her A-game to every project that she takes on. According to Hira, comedy has always been her true calling, even though she has delved in a variety of roles throughout the course of her career. ”Comedy has always been my interest and it is one thing I always wanted to do, so to get a chance to do this telefilm after doing a number of serious roles has made me really excited,” the actress gushed.

Speaking about the possible success of her upcoming telefilm, she said that she is not worrying herself with the thought of whether it’ll stand out or not because she is happy and content with the work that she’s done and that’s enough for her.


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