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10 Sep

Fashion Pakistan Week takes off to a hot start

fashion pakistan week

Fashion Pakistan Week Winter/Festive 2017, scheduled to begin in Karachi tomorrow (Monday evening) took off with a customary brunch, this time hosted by Mohsin Feroze of Scentsation. Hosted at the swanky Ambrosia restaurant in Old Clifton, it was a lovely and white affair, if only the Karachi weather had played along and sent a cool breeze this way. The afternoon turned out to be more hot than haute, however, there was no stopping anyone from enjoying some good food and interesting company.


fashion pakistan week

It was so hot outside that most people took refuge indoors at Ambrosia.


The company was interesting because I walked in to see so many TV personalities that I’d be forgiven for thinking it was a TV brunch as opposed to a fashion situation. I spotted a visibly lost Syed Jibran first of all, and then a table seating a group – Yasir Nawaz, Nida Yasir, Hira Mani, Mani, and others.


fashion pakistan week

Sarwat Gilani, Bilal Ashraf and Ayesha Omar, ever fashion friendly!


I saw Sarwat Gillani and later Ayesha Omar and Bilal Ashraf; all three of them of course are now as much fashion people as they are TV and film people. Ali Safina and Hira Tareen, another cross-over couple, provided some much needed oomph to the red carpet too.


fashion pakistan week

Fashionable couple: Ali Safina and Hira Tareen


fashion pakistan week

Sharmila Farooqui has always been a great supporter of FPW and can be expected to be seen at the shows.


fashion pakistan week

Frieha Altaf was multitasking between Pepsi Battle of the Bands and Fashion Week


Designers came and went because of course, when you have a show in a day or two you can’t afford to waste any time. However Deepak Perwani, Chairperson of the FP council appeared calm and collected as did Feri Rawanian, the newly appointed CEO. Shamaeel was cool in white; she’s showing tomorrow. Nubain Ali made an appearance for his sister Wardha Saleem. Aamna Aqeel, Obaid Sheikh and Nauman Afreen came and stuck around in good spirit. Tena Durrani made a quick entry and exit and I think that’s about it when it comes to the fashion community.


fashion pakistan week

A very calm and collected Shamaeel

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