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10 Oct

Hrithik Roshan asks media not to take sides

The never ending Kangana-Hrithik drama has only gotten bigger, now that Hrithik has decided to actively participate and tell his side of the story.

After his recent interview, the actor took to Twitter releasing a statement that clarifies why he won’t be giving more interviews to the media, “..[I] would humbly say I don’t wish to speak on this issue.”

Hrithik Roshan clarifies that his divorce wasn’t because of his infidelity

The actor also went on to thank all those who supported him, but also requested friends and observers to stop taking sides on the current matter. “This is an unfortunate issue and not a contest of sorts,” the actor wrote.

The star also repeatedly enforced that the matter at hand should now be solved via proper investigations, to bring forth facts and not speculations. What’s going to unravel next? Time will tell…


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