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15 Jul

Hrithik Roshan & Tiger Shroff are engaged in an intense fight in ‘War’ teaser

Hrithik Tiger

All of us want to see Hrithik Roshan in an action film for so long. Add Tiger Shroff in the mix and the concoction is going to be one action-packed film, but if you pit the two against each other then the combo will make you sit on the edge of your seats. Director Siddharth Anand has made the most of the opportunity and after keeping it hush-hush for so long, he has finally revealed the name and first teaser of the film, War.

Hrithik and Tiger are seen at each other’s throats right from the word go in the teaser. Either the two ripped-up actors are chasing each other on bikes in picturesque foreign locales or they are engrossed in hand-to-hand combat. Car chases and aerial action scenes involving a snow plane that may remind you of Hollywood films. We also get a fleeting look at War’s leading lady Vaani Kapoor.

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Hrithik Tiger


To add fuel to the animosity between the two actors in the film, unusual marketing tactics are used to promote the film as well. We can see that in their Twitter conversations as Tiger posted, “Hrithik, your moves may be a little rusty, let me show you how it’s done!” To which Hrithik had a stern response: “You’re just starting out in a world I’ve mastered, Tiger. Take a seat!”

War will release on October 2. Watch the teaser of the film here:



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