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13 Apr

HSY sets fashion week into motion

Luxury shopping website FABBIT, in collaboration with HSY, yesterday launched MODE, an online publication that promises to provide a merger between fashion and technology. The new publication, MODE will be available on all digital devices: tablets, desktops and smart phones.  At the launch we also witnessed select pieces from HSY’s PSFW ‘17 collection Paranoia that will be available to pre-book on the Fabbit website; in fact, five pieces are up already, including the one Anush Ammar was wearing. The event was held at the HSY Studio in Lahore and as all things HSY, was well attended and glamorous.

MODE is the future. Like Fabbitt it strives to unify both fashion and the growing niche of tech in our society whilst simultaneously bringing to light relevant social and fashion related discussions,” said Anush Ammar, CEO


HSY’s glam fam: Maheen Kardar Ali, Ali Xeeshan and Shahzad Raza.


MODE undertakes the responsibility to put #FashionFirst and will introduce new ways to make fashion more reachable by utilizing technology and the digitally fast paced world of today, which is important in this day and age for several reasons: one, the continued emphasis on mobile phones and tablets as the future of e-commerce for all the fashion hungry, like us and secondly having a constant fashion companion with you in a world where connectivity is instant and your mobile set is probably your most trusted best friend.

MODE further promises to highlight progressive and hardworking, young individuals from different walks of life and sets itself to be a strong advocate of thought-provoking journalism. The e-zine will put together opinion pieces debating current social issues pertaining to the fashion and digital world, it was announced. We’re going to keep our eyes and our fingers crossed and wait to see what new ideas it will put forward especially now with so much going on in the fashion and film industry. Will MODE be able to deliver on its promise? We’ll find out when we get our hands or in this case phones on it.

Haider Maqsood

The author is our Haute Lahore Correspondent, who's a part time writer with a full time passion to stay candid and loud!