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25 Jul

Humaima Malick opens up about her own history of domestic abuse

Following the recent criticism for Mohsin Abbas Haider’s abusive behavior towards his wife, actress Humaima Malick took to Instagram to share her own ordeal after years of keeping mum about it.

“I am shameful of myself today. I didn’t do anything for myself 3 years of abusive marriage, 7 years of another abusive relationship and it repeated again,” shared the actress on her Instagram story.

“While I was working making a good life for myself and my entire family, I was threatened, abused, and beaten to death not once but many times. I am not scared anymore. I am now shameful of silence,” wrote Humaima, who had previously been married to actor/director Shamoon Abbasi.



Humaima’s close friend and producer of The Legend of Maula Jatt, Ammara Hikmat, vouched for Humaima, saying that she had witnessed her struggle and was proud of her.



Earlier this week, Humaima along with her sister, Dua Malik, had testified in favor of Mohsin’s wife, Fatema Sohail. Humaima revealed that she had witnessed Fatema’s struggle herself, through Dua. Dua and her husband had been a friend to Mohsin and his wife for a long time, with her husband also collaborating with Mohsin for a song.


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Fatema’s story has given victims the courage to come forward and break their silence, as is evident by Humaima’s hashtag #NoMoreSilence. In her press conference, Fatema herself mentioned how she has received numerous messages from women that have suffered the same fate.


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