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19 Oct

Humayun Saeed among other Pakistani men show their softer side with painted nails

Shaniera Akram, wife of Pakistani cricket legend, Wasim Akram has always been vocal about issues that demand attention. From giving an insight into the insecurities related to skin colour to addressing global warming and its effects, she has always proved to be a responsible human being and citizen.

Recently, she took to her social media to talk about the Polished Man Campaign, which aims to raise awareness about child abuse by encouraging men to paint one fingernail. By painting one fingernail, they represent the one in five children who experience violence.

“Some of the toughest men Pakistan has ever produced are showing their softer side & colouring one nail to represent the millions of children who suffer every day at the hand of an adult. Our Pakistani heroes say ‘We WILL NOT tolerate child abuse in our country’,” she posted, sharing pictures of some of the most influential men in Pakistan.



The campaign got a lot of attention; while some applauded the men for getting out of their comfort zones and doing something different, others criticized it for being ineffective and unnecessary.

“It’s about changing mindsets, doing something different, bringing about change though conversation. It’s about men stepping outside their comfort zones enough to make the pledge. Nail polish is not permanent it can be removed, but the scars from child abuse last a lifetime,” Shaniera replied to the nay-sayers.



While we all agree that this doesn’t contribute anything directly to the problem, it has at least started a conversation.



Have a look at some of the celebrities who joined the cause by painting their fingernails and breaking the silence:



It’s time to become a polished man! The Campaign began in 2014 in Australia and grew international this year.


Muna Moini

The author is a Karachi based writer at Something Haute.