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17 Aug

5 secrets revealed by Humayun Saeed

Humayun Saeed and Kubra Khan are the talk of the town thanks to their sizzling chemistry as seen in the trailer and songs of their upcoming film, Jawani Phir Nahi Aani 2. We had the haute pair over at the Something Haute office for a live chat which was entertaining and informative in equal measures.

Humayun — who is the lead actor and producer of the film — made a lot of revelations during our chat. Here are 5 things that caught our attention:



1) JPNA3 is definitely happening!


#JPNA2 promotions have begun in #London

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Oh yes! Humayun said it himself. It will come out in 2020, and the team already has two potential stories to work on. While we can’t wait for JPNA2, news of part 3 has made us even more excited! But Kubra be a part of JPNA3 we asked Humayun. “It all depends on the story, may be Kubra will be may be not. Even I might not be in it,” he replied.



2) Humayun misses Hamza Ali Abbasi



A fan asked Humayun if he missed Hamza while making, to which he said, “Hamza is a very good friend of mine and we do miss each other’s company a lot when we’re not together. We enjoy his presence in general. In fact, when I made JPNA, I chose to work with all my friends because I thought that would be a lot of fun.”



3) Friendship is the secret behind his chemistry with all his female leads 



When asked what’s the reason behind such strong chemistry with all his female leads — be it Aisha Khan, Mahira Khan, Mehwish Hayat, Sohai Ali Abro or his recent female lead, Kubra Khan — Humayun said he attributes that to his friendship with these actresses. “All of them are very good friends of mine,” he said.



4) Mahira declined two films that he offered to her



When asked why he doesn’t cast Mahira in his films, Humayun revealed that he’s made four films out of which he did offer two to her but she declined. “She regretted later,”  he said jokingly before clarifying, “She was busy once and the other time she had some reservations about the character.”



5) JPNA2 will also deliver a message


Off to Lahore for #JPNA2 promotions. Ready guys?

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Speaking on whether films should be educational or just entertaining, Humayun said that even an entertaining film like JPNA2 can deliver a powerful message. “Not just one but the film will have 10 messages to give, but in a lighter way,” he said.

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