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6 Mar

Here’s why hydrosols need to be the next addition in your skin routine!


‘You are what you eat’ is a popular saying and it spreads the idea that to be fit and healthy you need to eat good food. Same goes for your skin. Every day, our skin is exposed to chemicals, pollutions and all kinds of toxins. It is time to say ‘no’ to cosmetics that are made of chemicals and it’s time to give your skin some rest with the power of nature, which is where hydrosols come in.

Hydrosols (also known as floral waters, herbal waters, and essential waters, are aqueous products of hydrodistillation) are the waters that are collected when plant material is steam-distilled to extract its essential oil. Although hydrosols have similar properties to essential oils, they are much gentler, which makes them ideal for using directly on the skin and more suitable for those who have sensitive skin.

Hydrosols make excellent skin toners and, unlike other commercial toners, are 100% pure and natural with no alcohol or harsh chemicals that dry and irritate the skin. Hydrosols have been used historically as a topical agent for cosmetics and medicinal use.




Hydrosols can be used in an endless number of ways, they are virtually clear and water soluble, hence spraying and misting is the most popular way of using them.

They can be tailored to custom skincare products, as different plants have different effects on the skin. For example, Lavender hydrosol is the most comprehensive and common, in addition to moisturizing the skin, it helps control the balance of oil secretion. Rose hydrosol can quickly replenish moisture and enhance skin vitality. It has certain effects of whitening, blemish correcting and anti-aging. So you can even mix several to make your own unique formula, based on your skin status.

Summer Shen

The author is a lifestyle blogger in Shanghai who is passionate about fashion, beauty, travel and food. Summer is eager to share a unique view on beautiful things!

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