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24 Aug

I almost didn’t do Sabaat: Mawra Hocane


Mawra Hocane has established herself amongst the top tier of bankable female actors in Pakistan within a span of a few years. Be it her performances in films or television, she has always put her best foot forward. Her most recent venture, Sabaat is garnering applause from all quarters so team Something Haute decided to have a chat with her.

Here are excerpts from the interview:

Have you ever got such overwhelming response from a drama before Sabaat?

“Every project has its own place but yes, Sabaat’s feedback is not at all what we had expected. It has previously happened with Sammi as well as Aangan but Sabaat is special. I believe that something changes in an actor with each project but it’s been six months since I have stopped shooting for Sabaat and it feels as if I’ve gone through a personality switch. I can’t put a finger to it but I can feel a change in me,” Mawra said.

What prompted you to sign Sabaat and did you see Anaya in yourself?

“There was something very calming yet intriguing about Sabaat’s story. When I started reading it, I was eager to finish it so as to know what happened in the end. I can’t say that I saw myself in Anaya but I related to her… perhaps I felt there were a few traits of her that I used to have but not anymore. I came across a lot of reality checks,” she said.

What do you think about Anaya’s character evolution?

“I feel women are inherently nurturers and homemakers. Anaya was a strong and independent woman when she was alone and she is still all that but as she falls in love, she now feels safe and secure that there is someone else to protect her. I feel love does that to women. Having said that, I also like the fact that women in our society take ownership of their relationships, especially after marriage, and put in effort to nourish these familial ties. Anaya wants to make it work and also doesn’t want to disappoint her husband (Hassan in Sabaat),” she added.

What do you think about the speculations that Hassan in going to die?

“Hassan is the heartbeat of Sabaat; he is the core and all the characters are linked to each other through him. I don’t understand how do you expect that the story will move forward if Hassan dies,” she laughing said adding, “I have had the best on-screen chemistry with Ameer Gilani because I get along with him really well. Secondly, he was very invested in the serial and kept everyone else motivated to give best performances.”

Watch the full interview here to find out Mawra’s stance on recent controversies surrounding Sabaat:


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