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18 Sep

I am a below-average person and an average actor: Ranbir Kapoor

It appears the success of his recent film has not gotten to Ranbir Kapoor’s head. In spite of the fact that Sanju made nearly 350 crore in India and approximately 600 crore worldwide,  Ranbir thinks he’s an average actor and a below-average person.

“Actually, [handling] success is easy. When you are successful, you don’t really feel it because people are only full of praise, but failure teaches you a lot. One may feel that like failure, success can also be handled, but failure is a way tougher opponent. It will slap you hard, and you won’t even realise it,” he said during an interview with Hindustan Times.

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When asked if people’s attitudes towards him changed when his films flopped, Ranbir said, “See, if somebody is changing, it is fine with me, maybe because I don’t even give myself too much importance. I feel I am just an average actor and a below-average person, who just got great opportunities. Yes, I have good belief and confidence in myself that I can do something. And that’s why I am successful, because otherwise, I am not saving the world. I am just acting in movies so just can’t take it that seriously.”


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However, he said that he hasn’t really seen a bad time yet. “I don’t think I faced that bad a time. I still have had a lot of people who liked me and thought that I am a good actor. They gave me a lot of support. But to be honest, I was born into a film family so I was aware of such things even while growing up. That’s why I don’t take success to my head and failure to my heart.”

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