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15 Dec

Video: “I am a hero in real life,” says Fahad Sheikh

Despite being in the entertainment industry for quite some time, Fahad Sheikh gave his first breakthrough performance in the blockbuster and much controversial drama, Jalan. While he was perceived as a waste of screen space in the beginning, Ahmer evolved into one of the most significant characters in the play.

“I’ve always believed in God. If He has written respect in your destiny, no other power one can undo or take that away from you,” said Fahad Sheikh in an exclusive interview with Something Haute regarding his journey in the industry and specifically Jalan so far.



His chemistry with Hajra Yamin earned great love and appreciation and seeing them together in See Prime’s latest short film, Naam Kya Rakha became an absolute treat for the fans.

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“Hajra is a wonderful actor and it was her greatness that she signed this script. She focused on her track and did justice to her character in Jalan,” appreciated Fahad. He also thanked co-star Minal Khan for making Jalan the success that it is. “I’m a great fan of Minal and let’s be honest, she does raise the project with her performance,” he said.



The underrated actor is also part of upcoming drama Dunk that features a star-studded cast. “I play Bilal’s older brother Safeer in the play. Dunk is a family drama, unlike Jalan.”

“I feel I was pretty weak in Jalan and now after Dunk, I question myself why I did not do this or that in Jalan,” he said assessing his growth as an actor. “I’ve learned a lot from the senior cast in Dunk and I hope the audience notice my presence and contribution in the drama.”

He is also working on yet another drama, Aazmaish (working title) that is being directed by Fajr Raza. The cast includes Kinza Hashmi, Yashma Gill, Furqan Qureshi, Shahood Alvi, and Laila Wasti in key roles.

Fahad Sheikh is definitely in this for the long haul. “I come to the set and I play my part,” he said when asked about on-set controversies. “I am a hero in real life, I’m here to be an actor. And when someone has this intention he stays grounded no matter what amount of fame they receive,” Fahad humbly concluded.

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