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11 Jun

I am not quitting music: Atif Aslam opens up in a latest interview

Atif Aslam

Pakistan’s heartthrob and singing idol for the youth, Atif Aslam recently made an appearance via a video call on Geo News’ show Capital Talk where he cleared the air that he is not leaving the music industry.

Recently, rumours were rife that Atif is going to make an exit from Pakistan’s music scene, especially since he first recited Tajdar-e-Haram, then an Azaan and now most recently the Asma ul Husna.

“I want to clarify that I have never thought about leaving the music industry. The subject is quite personal but all I want to do is to take my profession and my faith together as I move in my life. I want to keep myself attached to my religion while still being part of the world. I won’t say I will be giving up on music anytime soon, but I want to highlight important aspects of religion like the 99 names of Allah and Tajdar-e-Haram,” he said talking to the host Hamid Mir.



“I feel happy that there are youngsters who are not just listening to my music but are also getting inclined towards religion through my work. But I am still not quitting music,” Atif shared expressing that one of his ultimate desires is to recite the call to prayer (azaan) at the Holy Kaabah in Mecca.

He also talked about his recitation of Azaan that recently took the internet by storm. Keeping in mind the difficult and uncertain times during the coronavirus outbreak, what made him recite it?

“I had heard that during the times of our Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), people used to go up to their roofs to recite the Azaan. That’s where the idea came from and I just went with it without a second thought,” he said.

Atif also spoke about his recent Coke Studio performance where he recited the 99 Names of Allah. His followers around the world have loved and appreciated the recitation.

“In life, we do a lot of deeds; some are virtuous, some are sins. I was lucky enough to have performed Tajdar-e-Haram, and I consider myself very lucky to have gotten a chance to perform Asma ul Husna as well. I can’t explain the feeling I got while I was reciting the names,” he replied.

On a lighter note, Hamid Mir also asked Atif if he has noticed that many young singers especially in Bollywood try to copy his style of singing. What are his thoughts and has we ever encountered such people?

“Yes, I have told them personally that they should not leave their individuality behind. Despite the fact that it is quite an honor when people think that your work is of such great value that they copy it, I will insist that everyone should have their own journey. I have personally advised people against it but they think I’m a fool to not acknowledge their love,” he laughingly said.

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