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21 Apr

I don’t want to die in New York, says Meera, requesting the PM for her safe return to Pakistan

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There are hundreds and even thousands of people stranded around the world due to closed air spaces in the wake of COVID-19 pandemic, and actress Meera seems to be one of them. Through a video message, she has made an appeal to Prime Minister Imran Khan, to help arrange her safe return to Pakistan. She apparently came to the US a month earlier to shoot for her film Long Distance.

The Baaji actress is stuck in New York according to a video message circulating on social media. The situation in New York with respect to coronavirus is becoming direr by the day.

“I am confined to my hotel room. I came to New York with other stars including Humayun Saeed and all of them have returned and I have been left here,” she said.



“I have no savings and my survival is becoming more and more difficult. You (Imran Khan) have always supported us. All countries around the world are bringing back their citizens. I am requesting you to do the same,” she added.

If her appeal wouldn’t have convinced PM to take an action, her ending statement surely left us in horror: “New York is becoming a graveyard. I don’t want to die in a foreign land, I want to die in my own country,” she said.

Meera’s official complain is a little perplexing as she was seen live on Instagram with Frieha Altaf only last week, after all the mentioned artists (Humayun Saeed in particular) had returned to Pakistan. Meera had put up a video of herself jumping in a trampoline; it could have been old footage. No one knows why she waited until now to make this request.

Regardless, we’re hoping for Meera’s safe return to Pakistan (with all the precautionary measures taken, of course!).



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