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17 Oct

Exclusive: I have signed three more films other than Kaaf Kangana, says Ayesha Omar

Ayesha Omar

Ayesha Omar is all geared up to make a come back on silver screen with Khalil ur Rehman Qamar’s Kaaf Kangana. The actress has previously worked in Karachi Se Lahore, Yalghaar and have made appearances in several other films. However, her fans are keen to find what’s next on her plate (other than Bulbulay of course). Something Haute caught up with the actress recently who revealed some exciting news about her upcoming projects.

“I’m currently in the process of signing two films and they are very very different. I tend to stay away from run of the mill work. One of my films Rehbra with Ahsan Khan is pending. The producers ran out of money last year, but now they are back and waiting for us to get free. We will wrap up Rehbra’s shoot in November. It is slated to release on Eid next year,” Ayesha said.

“There’s another film that I have just signed and it will go on floors in November-December. That’s also planned as an Eid 2020 release. The third film is based on a very sensitive issue but I’m not at liberty to speak more about it. It’s an intense story and hopefully will release in the first half of next year,” she revealed.

In an earlier interview with Something Haute, Ayesha shared that she has also shot for a project in which she plays a budding journalist. “It’s a non-commercial film based on the partition of East Pakistan,” she said.

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Probing further we asked if she can reveal who are the directors of her next films.

Rehbra is directed by a well-known name in the drama industry, Amin Iqbal (who has directed Deedan recently). One of the director is new to the field, while another is an actor and a brilliant writer and he is making his first film,” Ayesha said adding, “he is a very old friend and very funny.”

Though I made guesses at the spot which weren’t quite right, in hindsight I’ve a hunch Ayesha was talking about Vasay Chaudhry or perhaps Yasir Hussain. If it’s Vasay, we are very much eager to know more about the film.

Talking about her latest film, Kaaf Kangana, Ayesha shared how she bagged the role.

“It’s a Khalil ur Rehman Qamar film who is one of the best writers we have. So I had heard that the script was very good and when he called me I told me that I have to read the script, but he assured me that it’s beautiful and it indeed is,” she said.



“Gulnaaz a Punjabi girl who belongs to a upper middle class family in interior Punjab. She lives with her father and sister. She is an honest, straight forward and feisty girl who speaks her mind and isn’t afraid of anybody. She is in love with a guy who lives in her neighborhood, Ali (played by Sami Khan) but another guy loves her (Abi Khan). However, Ali loves Kangana (Eshal Fayyaz) who is an Indian-Hindu. So it’s kind of a love square,” she explained.

“There are two tracks and two couples in the story. The film is not about Kashmir but we have touched upon it as we have a major Indian character (played by Eshal) in it. The story revolves around India-Pakistan tension, but it’s not based on Kashmir issue,” she added.

Kaaf Kangana is scheduled to release on 25th October across Pakistan.


Syeda Zehra

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