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4 Aug

I own my character Nisha in Jalan & I’m ready to face all controversies: Minal Khan


Minal Khan is the talk of the town these days for the portrayal of a menacing sister, Nisha in the much controversial ARY Digital drama, Jalan. Everybody seemed to hate her character in the play, which here is a testament to her brilliant performance as an actor.

Something Haute caught up with the actor to get to know about why she chose the role. Here are some interesting details from the interview:

With her debut as a 13-year-old girl in Kash Mein Teri Beti Na Hoti and working for almost 10 years, how has she evolved as an actor?

“I have faced my fair share of struggles in my career so far. I have worked hard on my skills as well as my appearance and I learned it after facing rejections. My weight and looks were criticized by a lot of people so much so that someone pointed out that Aiman is the petite one who can act and Minal is the fat one who can’t,” Minal said.

Was there ever jealousy amongst sisters due to these harsh comparisons?

“No, I’m nothing like Nisha in real life. I share a very beautiful bond with my sister, Aiman. In fact, she is a motherly figure to me who has taught me a lot about life. Aiman told me about this comparison and motivated me to work on myself so that I prove all these naysayers wrong,” she added.

Is she still facing challenges after 10 years?

“I want to work with all the director, I wish to work with different channels but I am not being offered good scripts by most of them. I am making the best out of my situation and I am happy with it but sometimes I think that have I not done a single impressive performance in my 10-year long career that these people don’t want to work with me?” she asked rhetorically, adding, “If I have done one negative character, then I will get offers of only negative characters from there on. Hence, when I was offered Nisha, I was delighted that someone thought I can do this.”

A sister destroying another sister’s marital life is an old plot in our dramas, why did Minal think that Nisha was something new?

“Nisha is a character which gives me a lot of margin to perform. A build a new character from scratch and got a chance to showcase an evil side that was new to me. Also, this is not a typical behnoun ki larhai story; I was told that we are touching about Sibling Rivalry Disorder (SRD) which is quite common in our society. I believe we cannot judge a story with a few episodes; we have tried to establish through scenes and dialogues that Nisha is not just after her brother-in-law. She is constantly in a battle to get the best out of everything, be it clothes, lifestyle or a life partner,” Minal said.

Minal spoke about how she perceived Asfandyar’s (Emaad Irfani) interest in Nisha as well as why Nisha is so competitive. You can watch the full interview to find out more:


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