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22 Feb

Imran Abbas & Hiba Bukhari’s new short film depicts the grief of losing a loved one

Imran Abbas

Imran Abbas and Hiba Bukhari are two actors who have delivered remarkable performances in their respective projects, however the two have paired for the first time in a See Prime short film, titled Chahat.

Written by Basharat Tirmizi and directed by the force behind the digital platform, Seemeen Naveed, the short film is a saga of love, grief, longing and a range of emotions that one goes through after losing a loved one. It talks about experiences that we often neglect like survivor’s guilt, post traumatic stress disorder, anxiety and denial.

Imran Abbas plays Tanveer Ahmed, a caring and earnest husband to Fiza (Hiba Bukhari). The couple has evidently lost someone dear who was once very close to them. As the story progresses, the wife continues to blame herself for the accident that led to the death of a loved one, but we don’t get to see any flashbacks. Her husband reassures her that it was not her fault and she has to continue living her life, but she loses interest in the mundane chores of everyday life.


Imran Abbas


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Grief is an all-consuming emotion and it can be difficult to put into words. Therefore, people suffering from pain and sadness often look for a sense of comfort in those who are closest to you. We get subtle hints of how it is going to end but the climax will surely leave viewers in awe of the wonders of true love and yearning.



Viewers will particularly enjoy Imran and Hiba’s conversations which are quite reaffirming as the two have performed their best. Fans of Imran must rejoice as they will get to see the actor sing a couplet from a ghazal. The short film is beautifully directed and written in a way that a sense of calmness envelopes the couple, leaving one desiring for more.



The executive producer and director of the film, Seemeen Naveed said in a press statement: “This is a story that portrays the real concept of ‘love transcends all’, and that even something as inevitable as death keeps two lovers knitted together. This project is a very heart-touching one and the wonderful cast and our hardworking team at See Prime has put in enormous effort in it.”

Chahat is available for viewing on See Prime’s YouTube channel:




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