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7 Sep

Imran Ashraf transitions from character actor to romantic hero with latest drama

The country’s current favorite TV star, Imran Ashraf, just dropped a teaser for his latest venture with 7th Sky Entertainment, and it looks promising to say the least!

The Ranjha Ranjha Kardi star has been on the radar for a while now after giving some very strong performances in plays like Alif Allah Aur Insaan and Jaal, and so, naturally, any new serial featuring Imran is one to look out for. In his latest, however, he seems to be turning away from his usual character driven performances to a more romantic hero.

The stunning Neelum Muneer, who also delivered performances worth noting this past year in serials like Dil Mom Ka Diya, is cast alongside Imran, and it won’t be much of a stretch if we say that this drama boasts of two of the most talented actors on TV right now. And for that very reason, we can’t wait to see how the serial fares.



We see Neelum with her signature enchanting air about her, dressed up as a mayoun bride so we’re assuming the two are supposed to get married, but the teaser doesn’t reveal anything beyond that. It seems like her character is the extremely beloved daughter of the house, while not much is revealed about Imran’s character, who appears only in passing.

Posting the teaser on his Instagram, Imran revealed how he has poured his heart in to this performance. “I love this drama with my whole heart, beyond that is Allah’s will,” he wrote.

We can’t wait to see more teasers for the serial, and of course, are on the look out for further details ahead of it’s airing on Geo TV.


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