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18 Feb

Indian designers to fly to Karachi for Shaan-e-Pakistan showcase


Shaan-e-Pakistan has been an initiative to bridge the borders between India and Pakistan, using the power of fashion and entertainment. The event was scheduled to take place last year, but was postponed indefinitely on the premise of making it a bigger and better show. The platform has previously brought famed names from India, like Anju Modi and Zeenat Aman and hopes to do the same this time around too.

It was recently reported that famed Indian designer Tarun Tahiliani will be showcasing at the upcoming event, set to take place in March. Reaching out to the team behind Shaan-e-Pakistan, we got some more details on what it is that we should be looking forward to this year.

We were told that along with Tarun Tahiliani, designers Rimple and Harpreet Narula, known for their extravagant costumes designed for Padmaavat, will also be flying to Karachi to attend the event. This year also adds two new segments to the show, the Lal-e-Rumi Segment and an Award Show.

The Lal-e-Rumi Segment will feature models showcasing masterpieces, crafted by renowned artists and painters. This segment is brought about to commend artists, bringing their craft together with that of fashion.

The Shaan-e-Pakistan platform has also decided to acknowledge musicians, artists and designers by presenting accolades. A total of seven awards will be presented by the sponsors and celebrities, to honour the awardees’ achievements in their respective fields.

The event is scheduled to take place on March 26, 2018.






Mariam Tahir

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