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10 Mar

Introducing Syra Yousuf as the new Chocolatto girl

syra yousuf chocolatto

There’s something mysterious about a woman dressed from head to toe in the most luxurious shade of red, swirling amidst a mass of decadent chocolate. But that’s exactly what Syra Yousuf is, as she steps in as the new face of Bisconni Chocolatto, an indulgent chocolate cookie from the Bisconni Company, makers of Cocomo, Novita wafers and Flo. While there are many gorgeous faces on our television screens these days, Syra Yousuf stands out with her ravishing look as the new Chocolatto girl, drawing attention to all that chocolate around her. syra yousuf chocolatto


Flaunting a beautiful red ball-gown by Ali Xeeshan, Syra looks absolutely stunning as she creates a symphony with the swirls of chocolate, twirling as if in a dance. Her effortless charm and confidence speak of her love for flamboyance and adventure, while she enjoys her chocolate snack, as one would with guilty pleasure.

Syra’s newly styled short hair add to her youthful attraction and she catches one’s attention while standing out. There’s something about Syra and there’s also something about chocolate that goes hand in hand, which is precisely why this partnership works so well.


syra yousuf chocolatto


The campaign was a success as soon as it was revealed on social media. It went viral as influencers  started posting teasers of the TVC, generating curiosity to guess the identity of the new Chocolatto girl. People started guessing the mysterious slim girl in the billowing red gown and hair cropped short. And while many names were tossed around, no one came up with the right answer.

The day Syra Yousuf was introduced as the new Chocolatto girl, most were taken aback. And to be honest, we couldn’t have asked for a better comeback as Syra stood there mesmerizing the viewers without saying anything beyond “It’s Special Inside” – the Chocolatto tagline.




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