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7 Oct

Is it really over for the SSG gang in Ehd-e-Wafa?


Last night’s episode of Ehd-e-Wafa has turned the tables for its lead characters. The drama that started on a lively note of companionship, college pranks and hostel-life shenanigans took an unexpected swing in episode 3 with Saad’s (Ahad Raza Mir) budding romance transforming into a nightmare.

We see a glimpse of Shahzain, Sheheryar and Shariq (played by Osman Khalid Butt, Ahmed Ali Akbar, Wahaj Ali) teasing Saad about his silent crush on Dua (played by Alizeh Shah). They start calling her their ‘bhabi’ (sister in law) as soon as they realize that Saad even remembers the two instances when he saw Dua. Shahzain, who is brains behind every prank in their group, always convince them to be a part of his evil schemes, but this time the plan went haywire. On a night out to eat ice cream, Shahzain and Sheheryar try making a case for their buddy, in front of their  Dua bhabhi. Dua’s cousin — Raheel — who secretly likes her, takes offence and matters slip out of hand when police gets involved. Unfortunately, Shahzain and Sheheryar ditch their friend in confusion, making a helpless Saad an easy target.



What ensues is an eventful night where warden Firdous is called by the police and Saad has to face the wrath of his brigadier father (played by Faraz Yahya of Alpha Bravo Charlie fame). We are not sure if Saad gives out the names of his friends, but their families are called as the principal discusses extreme measures for their absurd antics on the roadside.

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There are a few points of contention here; firstly the incident wasn’t such a big mess as it was made by Raheel. However, no one questions him for making a scene out of a harmless situation. Secondly, we are never introduced to the background stories of any of the four SSG gang members in the first two episodes (except a few glimpses of Saad’s household). Similar to the characters, their families also seem to be polar opposites. While Shahzain’s grandfather (played by Mohammed Ahmed) rejoices on his failures, Sheheryar’s father, who is a band master, appears disappointed. The most shocking yet endearing was Shariq’s young-looking mother, who beats him with her jooti, while crying her heart out. We hope their personal journeys will unravel in the upcoming episodes, giving us at least some thread to connect the dots.



There is a dialogue in the third episode which needs to be mentioned; not only for its dramatic value but also its disturbing nature. While having a conversation with the college’s principal, Dua’s uncle thanked God that police didn’t take their girls to the station, “or else their family would be left with no choice but to commit suicides”. As a viewer, I am unable to understand why the writer had to reinforce the dogmatic ideas that a family or girl’s honor will tarnish if she will go to a police station.



Episode 4 promo hits us hard with another twist as Saad might not accept Shahzain’s apology and will slap him. Shahzain may be innocent at heart, but will his foolishness cost them to fall out? We want to see more college pranks and friend’s camaraderie, but are the two on the verge of a permanent parting? We certainly don’t wish so.

Watch the third episode here:



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