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9 Jul

Is revival of drive-in cinemas the new alternative to movie theaters?


Drive-in cinemas were a phenomenon in the past and a big part of our film culture in the 80s, however, the downfall of our film industry led to their extinction. Interestingly, another setback to our film industry i.e. the shutdown of theaters due to a global pandemic has led to the revival (or at least resurrection) of the long lost mode of entertainment. Village Restaurant in Karachi has recently brought back the culture by opening a drive-in cinema in their premises.

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Located opposite Avari Towers Karachi, the restaurant offers delicious BBQ alongside a new movie-watching experience (at least for the millennials) in its parking lot. And fret not; the restaurant has all the standard operating procedures in place. While it seems highly improbable that we will get to sit inside a movie theater in Pakistan anytime soon, enjoying a movie within the comfort and safety of our sanitized car is a good alternative. It follows social distancing protocols and provides entertainment without much hassle; after all desperate times call for desperate measures!



Image source: Osamah Nasir’s Instagram handle – Karachifoodguide


The drive-in cinema is open five days a week – Monday to Friday – from 5pm till 10pm. So far only classics like Mr. Bean, Charlie Chaplin, The Three Stooges and Laurel & Hardy are available to be projected for a big screen. There are no entry charges. Here is the schedule and a glimpse of what to expect:

Monday Mutton Madness: Mr. Bean

Tuesday Tikkas: The Three Stooges

Wacky Wednesday: Charlie Chaplin

Thursday Theatre: Laurel & Hardy

Filmy Friday: Shamim Ara & Waheed Murad


*Cover picture is not the picture of the drive-in cinema in Karachi.



Syeda Zehra

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