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11 Jun

Jackpot trailer: A tried-and-tested formula that might pull in the audience

Trailer of yet another Pakistani film — Jackpot — was released yesterday (Sunday). The comedy film — which features Jawed Sheikh, Noor Hassan, Sana Fakhar, Sanam Chaudhry and Adnan Shah Tipu — is entertaining in parts.

Jackpot appears to be a mindless comedy and from what we can tell from the trailer, it somewhat appears to be similar to Na Maloom Afraad as the characters, in their desperate attempt to get rich, go through some chaotic incidents.

The plot revolves around an expensive designer coat that has a lottery ticket in its pocket worth a whooping 100 crores. Though we feel the name Jackpot pretty much gives away the plot, we’re hoping there are some twists in the tale to keep the audience entertained.

There are a few funny sequences in the trailer, one of which is an interesting exchange of dialogues between Jawed Sheikh and Noor Hassan. Sheikh asks Hassan if he knew who he was and Hassan, terrified, tells him that he was the guy who played Shah Rukh Khan’s dad in Om Shanti Om.

We’re not quite sure if the film has that element of finesse, but it looks like an entertaining watch that might end up pulling in the audience.

Here, check out the trailer:

Mariam Hameedi

Sarcasm and witty puns are my best friends (also my worst enemies). I love turning my world around on its axis and soon the most ordinary events turn into the craziest stories.

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