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22 Aug

JazzXEsra: Pakistan’s number 1 cellular network triumphs with a power collab


Pakistan’s leading telecommunication network, Jazz has taken its game up a notch this year. While it is one of the most recognizable cellular networks in the country for over 25 years, as well as the dominating name in the 4G market, the brand is not settling for less in any way; Jazz has now collaborated with Turkish beauty, Esra Bilgiç to woo the nation obsessed with her TV series, Ertuğrul: Resurrection.

Being number 1

Being the supreme power in digital connectivity, it goes without question that Jazz Super 4G is the best option available when it comes to data packages. The names speaks for itself as ‘Super 4G’ shows superiority in the face of its competitors. Being the network which has the largest number of customers, largest number of data subscribers in the country, 4 consecutive times award holder for fastest data by Ookla Speed Test Awards, Jazz is also recognized as the best data network for social media, making it the most loved network in Pakistan.

Aiming for the best

Now, with all these distinct qualities and more, the number 1 network needs to work with the finest talent, not just from the country but international stars as well. In order to celebrate such an honorary claim of being the number cellular network of Pakistan, Jazz creates an impactful commercial starring Esra Bilgiç.

The concept of the commercial is to emphasize not to settle for less and highlight the difference between a ‘good’ and a ‘great’ network in order to make one very simple point: being a market leader is not just a numbers game.

High concept Ad

Given its legacy to be the best, Jazz features Esra as the new face of the network, who is already considered the best in her field. The TVC projects that in order to bring out the best of every individual, we need to equip him/her with the best network. With this ad, Jazz Super 4G wants to put forward the difference between a good data provider and a great one like Jazz.

Jazz Super 4G is the marker of greatness in terms of speed, connectivity and strength of signals. These qualities set it apart from other networks who only follow, while Jazz leads the way for others; just like Halime Hatun in Ertuğrul.

Technologically driven

The brand also incorporates it digital reign in its recent commercial. The beautiful ad has been shot with futuristic VR gaming techniques and remotely flown drones to show the power of a digitally equipped generation.

The commercial lays out the difference between the two kinds of people in the world: those who dream and those who are living their dreams, those who incessantly chase a goal and those who soar high, those who are learning and those who are teaching, those who want to compete and those who are indisputable champions like Jazz Super 4G. The parallels are drawn to prove a point: those who use regular 4G will not make it to the winning team as nothing matches the data quality that Jazz Super 4G provides.

The ad aims to inspire its audiences to set higher goals for themselves, because with Jazz Super 4G, you have the means to become a superior version of yourself.


The campaign started with a simple but cryptic tweet that took the nation by storm. One one fine evening, Esra Bilgiç — Pakistan’s most beloved and relevant international celebrity — who has made her place in the hearts Pakistanis, tweeted about finding ‘her no.1 in Pakistan’.

Soon after, people got hooked to what she meant. Some speculated she is visiting Pakistan while others anxiously waited for the big reveal. In the end, Jazz Super 4G finally announced a partnership with the Turkish beauty.


The nation got another surprise on the eve of Eid-ul-Azha when Esra greeted everyone in an eastern attire.

This soon was picked up by bloggers and influencers who started an Instagram trend #EsrasJazzLookChallenge where influencers belonging to fashion and lifestyle fraternity created their own version of Esra’s look in Eid video. If that much Esra wasn’t enough for the nation, we will get to see her in Jazz commercial for a long time.


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