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21 Apr

Jeeto Pakistan gets a makeover, revamped Ramazan special will be led by your favourite celebrities as captains

Jeeto Pakistan

With the whole world threatened by the COVID-19 pandemic, every industry has hit rock bottom. The business of entertainment has also suffered to a greater extent as productions are at a stand still until we emerge from this indefinite period of lockdown. Having said that with the approaching Ramazan, television channels have to think of creative ways to shoot and air TV shows and ARY Digital came up with a brilliant concept, a revamped and corona compliant Jeeto Pakistan with our beloved Fahad Mustafa!

This time the show has a new twist; it is not a regular game show with live audience (as it is large gatherings are prohibited) but yet it is for the people. Fret not as here is how you can be a part of Jeeto Pakistan this Ramazan and win prizes:




Jeeto Pakistan League (JPL) will air every day throughout Ramazan at 7.30 pm (live). You may not be able to see Fahad jumping on cars, riding bikes or doing push-ups, but you can certainly expect him to shout in his signature style ‘Bolo haan kay naa’ [Say yes or no] or perhaps ‘Kon Sa Dabba Kholun?’ [Which box to open?] or an occasional Thaki Thiki dance to enjoy a win.


5 cities, 5 teams & 5 celebrity captains


The biggest game show of Pakistan will be bigger, better and more exciting despite the fact that every participant, host and his team will be confined in their homes. Then how will it work?

This time there will be 5 teams, each representing a city, which will be guided by your favourite celebrity captains. Here are the teams and their captains respectively:

Karachi Lions — Humayun Saeed

Lahore Falcons — Adnan Siddiqui

Peshawar Stallions — Shaista Lodhi

Quetta Knights — Sarfaraz Ahmed

Islamabad Dragons — Sana Javed

So choose your team and get ready to play!



Games & prizes


This reminds us a bit of PSL which also ended abruptly due to coronavirus. Much like a cricket match, two cities will also compete against each other in games in JPL. New people will participate in those games by supporting their team captains while maintaining all protocols of social distancing. Whoever will score more in a day would be the winner. Live callers will be able to call in and support their cities. This definitely sounds interesting and we can’t wait to watch the game show unravel.



Let’s hope that this new format of the game show is well-received by the TV audience, especially Fahad’s massive fan following who look forward to meet him through Jeeto Pakistan’s platform. Though a personal interaction or selfie may not be possible this year, but like any good host, Fahad’s commitment in commendable as the show must go on.



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