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1 Apr

Jo Tu Chahey: We’re waiting for this unnecessary Cinderella story to end now

jo tu chahey

Jo Tu Chahey was a show with a promising beginning and a star-studded cast, yet has failed to engage us even by its 33rd episode. It’s sad that a drama starring Imran Abbas, Alizeh Shah, Zarnish Khan and many more, couldn’t make the ship stay afloat, it was bound to sink with this storyline. We’re impressed (not really!) that the drama has managed to drag itself till 33 episodes and the main plot hasn’t moved beyond the 10th episode.

Throughout the show, we’ve seen an orphaned Mashal (Alizeh Khan) being bounced back and forth between her two uncles’ houses. In both, she is shown to be treated as nothing more than a maid but also does not seem to have a single personality trait aside from being in love with her cousin, Hashir (Imran Abbas). Hashir, who only sees her as a sister, has a weird mind that only sympathizes with Mashal’s struggles and has failed to actually help her permanently in any way shape or form. He is also in love with his cousin, Bisma (Zarnish Khan) who is, quite literally, doing nothing with her time aside from waiting for Hashir to send a marriage proposal for her.


jo tu chahey


Seeing how brilliantly Zarnish is performing her role as Humaira in Yeh Dil Mera, this seems to be waste of her acting abilities. In the latest episode, Jo Tu Chahey, remains stagnant and we’re wondering if the torture on Mashal will ever end? Her role as an in-house maid is getting worse with every passing episode. We’re honestly not sure what kind of ending we should be expecting from this. Now, her other aunt wants to get her son, Burhan, married to Mashal for her inheritance. It seems like the story has a long way to go.

While most dramas end in 20-25 episodes, this one seems to be going on for longer than expected. How much can a writer drag a story along though? The only way to find out is to wait.


Eman Lakhany