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8 Aug

The journey from ‘NO’ to ‘Zero’

no makeup

After the success of the NO Makeup palette by Nabila – which launched around two years ago, she is all set to introduce the new and improved ‘ZERO’ palette. The weekend saw a private launch at Nabila’s salon, attended by everyone who is someone, all of who also happen to be Nabila’s regular clientele! Along with a closer look at the makeup itself, there were interesting mannequin installations, which transformed into different shades from the palette.

no makeup

Mawra Hocane at the launch of Zero

The main aspect of the palette is to give a natural look, and while the fake eyelashes, winged eyeliner and intense contoured look is a statement of its own kind, the fresh dewy look is far more practical. We also noticed the younger clientele present at the launch, Mawra Hocane, Sonya Hussayn and Alyzeh Gabol to name a few. The younger generation, with their fast paced lives, would be the ideal market for this product. At the end of the day, what everyone wants is to look beautiful with minimal use of makeup products, and Zero does just that.

The NO Makeup palette was a quick hit, and from the looks of it the new version is already set to reign local and international markets. There are more skin tones to choose from, and the price has been considerably reduced too. Rs. 4900 for an all-in-1 palette, which aims to fulfill all your makeup needs from blush to concealer to lip colour, is a pretty good bargain.

We caught up with the maestro herself to find out what has improved in the palette, and to get details about its international sales and launch.

Something Haute: What brought on the revamp of NO Makeup to ZERO?

Nabila: N-O Makeup was actually Nabila Zero Makeup. All I have done is dropped Nabila out of the equation to make the brand more global. The new Zero Makeup is an improved formula. The colours are enhanced, the lip stain has longer stay and the powder is more translucent. Also the puff fits better in the lower well.


no makeup

Sonya Hussyn tries on the customized neck piece, at the event last night


SH: Where is the product being retailed internationally?

N: It’s available online, with nationwide deliveries in Pakistan. There is a distribution channel set up in Dubai for worldwide deliveries. USA is doing a dry run, as we speak, on their digital media. In the third phase we will be stocking in Ulta and Sephora, to name a few.

SH: What changed over the years that led to the decrease in price, and addition of more skin tones?

N: We want to democratize the brand so more women can enjoy the benefit of the kit. We worked very hard to reduce the price, by giving away our profits. It’s now available at a lower price to reach a larger audience. We’ve reduced from Rs 6900 to 4900. This is a gift from me to the masses.


Mariam Tahir

The author is Assistant Editor at Something Haute, plus a fashion student who loves reading, traveling, eating and sleeping but manages to find time in between to write.