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8 Sep

Box Office Review: JPNA 2 breaks all-time record of its predecessor


At about an approximate 18 days since Eid-Ul-Azha, the Pakistani box office has managed to keep its momentous standing intact thanks to the trio of local films competing at the silver screen. However, with new releases coming in from international industries, will it affect the collections of the Pakistani film industry?

According to independent box office websites and sources, all three films – Load Wedding, Jawani Phir Nahi Ani 2 and Parwaaz Hai Junoon, have seen their showtimes being cut in comparison to the previous week due to the pressure of new releases at the multiplexes. However, there is still a vast difference between the allocation given to all three films after the trimming of showtimes.

Due to this, at the current moment, JPNA 2 has the most number of shows nationwide with about 80 percent occupancy, after which PHJ has managed to keep its occupancy at 65 – 75 percent, while lastly, Load Wedding, whose abysmal showtimes had already pushed its occupancy down, now has about 30 – 40 percent seat-coverage maximum.



Vasay Chaudhry shared a post announcing JPNA 2 breaking the record set by its predecessor.


On the monetary side of things, the Humayun Saeed starrer is quite noticeably in the lead with reported earnings of more than PKR 33.7 Crore locally and, which have broken the record of the all-time collections of its predecessor in the local market. Similarly, PHJ has also managed to keep itself strong with a collection of PKR 23 Crore, nationwide. However, on the other hand, while LW has not released official numbers of its earning, sources suggest it has struggled to cross the PKR 10 Crore mark locally.

Apart from the three, Teefa in Trouble too finally seems to be slowing down at about one show a day throughout most cinemas, where it hasn’t been taken down yet. Its collections stand at about PKR 32 Crore currently.

Although all local films have managed to earn handsomely in the last few weeks, will it be enough to sustain the upcoming period of Hollywood and Bollywood films? Time will tell…


  • Disclaimer: All numbers and figures in the article have been provided by independent box office websites and Something Haute holds no responsibility for any discrepancy.




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