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4 Feb

Junaid Khan’s ‘Talash’ is a rock anthem for peace

Junaid Khan

Pakistani actor and singer Junaid Khan’s latest collaboration – Talash – with Indian rock band SPUNK was released on Sunday. The song aims to promote peace and unity and vocalist Junaid Khan has taken this opportunity to send out a positive message to the people of both the countries.

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Against the backdrop of its loud hard rock vibe with intense guitar riffs, Talash is a metal rock number. The song opens with a rhetorical question: “They say peace is subjective; rather than running behind it, you need to seek it from within. Is that even peace then?”

The song features powerful vocals by Abhishek Chatterjee along with Junaid. Talash is the band’s first single from their debut album ‘Aarambh’. Throughout the course of the video, a guy is wandering aimlessly in the picturesque landscape in search for peace and by the end he ends up on the roof of a building with the city’s view.


Junaid Khan


The song wraps up with “peace is merely the destination, the journey is about finding yourself.” With Talash, Junaid wishes to explore the questions of identity and the part one needs to play to unify people. Though the heavy metal music seems to overpower the message at times, the track qualifies as a first step in the right direction for the #TalashForPeace movement.

Talking about the song Junaid Khan said, “Music knows no boundaries and this collaboration with SPUNK is going to spread the message of harmony amongst the people of both cultures.”

Watch the song:



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