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15 Aug

Junoon reunites after 13 years for ‘Khudi’


It took 13 years but, it seems the much-awaited Junoon reunion has finally happened – although for a biscuit brand.

Releasing a new video for their renowned song ‘Khudi,’  Ali Azmat, Brian O’ Connell and Salman Ahmad showcase the brightest talent Pakistan has to offer who have made the nation proud. Amongst the featured are Laraib Atta, who is the country’s youngest visual effects artist, Sitara-I-Imtiaz winning philanthropist Ronak Lakhani, and double-century scoring cricketer, Fakhar Zaman.

While the video rarely shows us anything new, it does pay a mighty homage to Junoon’s signature style, which is always energetic and a delight to watch. Having said that, we’re still not going to be satisfied until we hear a new track from the band!

We hope you’re reading this, Junoon.

Check out the video here and tell us what you think:

You can also check the song on Facebook:

Sooper Brings Back Junoon

This independence day, get ready to bring out the Junoon in you.Coming soon! #SooperHaiPakistanKaJunoon #PeekFreansSooper

Gepostet von Peek Freans Sooper am Freitag, 10. August 2018

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