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29 Jul

“Just because I’m a celebrity, they think I’m their property?” -Sarwat Gilani speaks out

sarwat gilani

Being a celebrity in today’s age means facing the world with a built-on armour against the unnecessary hate and backlash a social media presence guarantees. May it be an innocent tweet or random Instagram picture, you are bound to find cringe-worthy comments underneath.

Recently, actress Sarwat Gilani took to Facebook to speak out against those who have been prying into her private life. “My fertility is certainly not your problem nor an excuse to have a conversation or make a joke,” the actress wrote. Sarwat is not new to crass comments, as during her pregnancy she faced a lot of harsh feedback for posting pictures with her husband and celebrating her pregnancy openly.

sarwat gilani


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Something Haute reached out to Sarwat to find out the reason behind her rant.

“If I had a child, and then my husband and I decided we should have another child, why is it anybody else’s concern? Why would anyone make a joke about me getting pregnant again?” she questioned.

sarwat gilani

Sarwat Gilani, looking as superb as ever after her recent delivery

Sarwat, who has been a strong advocate for social causes, took a much needed stance regarding the power of women today. “Why are women told what to do in life? This is the 21st century, we don’t need to be told how to plan our lives and it’s about time women get up and say shut up to these people.”

We asked her what made her speak up, when usually most celebrities choose to ignore such comments. “Because I’m a pathan!” she declared with a jovial laugh, “So I’m not scared of anything! I’ve always been polite but outspoken about my views…but just because I’m a famous person why should I hide this? Why should anyone hide this? Famous or not famous, I bet any girl would not like these questions.” Sarwat rightly stated.

“Just because I’m a celebrity, they think I’m their property? That is not on.” A sentiment we completely agree with.


Mariam Tahir

The author is Assistant Editor at Something Haute, plus a fashion student who loves reading, traveling, eating and sleeping but manages to find time in between to write.