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1 Sep

Karan Johar’s Pakistani doppelgänger leaves him speechless

Bollywood’s favourite director and agony aunt Karan Johar — who’s known for his razor sharp wit and casual banter — recently discovered something that left him speechless which, as you’re aware, is rare.

Karan is quite active on Twitter and recently discovered his lookalike on the social media platform that left him…. well, surprised. A Twitter user Usman Khan replied to one of Karan’s tweets, sharing his own photo, and wrote alongside: “People says I do look like @karanjohar is it???”

Dressed in a fancy plum velvet jacket, scarf and sunglasses, the man, we admit, does share an uncanny resemblance with Karan. Here, see for yourself:

As we thought, a lot of people other than K-Jo found the resemblance striking. Usman also shared WhatsApp screenshots of conversations with his friends who told him he must pursue to have coffee with Karan.


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