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10 Apr

Kashf ep 1: A promising story about the interpretations of dreams


Drama serial Kashf’s pilot brings us a story revolving around a seer, Kashf (played by Hira Mani), who dreams of events that manifest themselves by the next day. Trying to make sense of our dreams is something we’ve all tried to do many times. One major thing many of us believe is that dreams before the morning prayer are likely to be true and that is what this show has started with. The first scene of the show depicts the very belief as Kashf wakes up from a vivid dream around early in the morning.

During the episode, we find out that it’s a recurring thing in her life that her dreams always come true. We see a dysfunctional family with a good-for-nothing father, a grumpy grandmother, a worried mother and an aunt who it seems, runs the house with her income. Kashf also has two younger sisters who for some reason aren’t that fond of their eldest sister. They take Kashf’s ordeal as a laughing matter when she shares her dreams with them.

Kashf has a fiancè, Wajdaan (played by Junaid Khan), who is her cousin as well. Here’s another show with another cousin marriage plotline. We believe there are definitely more guys in the world beyond your own cousins. To add to the unnecessary cousin obsession, one of Kashf’s younger sisters also seems to like Wajdaan. We see that Wajdaan’s mother isn’t that fond of Kashf or her family. Kashf’s greedy father also won’t let his daughter get married before he gets a hefty sum as mehr.



Hira Mani and Junaid Khan as Kashf and Wajdaan respectively


Kashf’s dreams can either have a literal meaning or metaphorical. When she sees herself being stabbed by a thorn on a rose, it later manifests itself in the episode when she literally gets hurt by a thorn of a rose. On the other hand, it could also mean that she gets betrayed by someone she thought was a rose. This could be her sister as we see her married to Wajdaan, in the promo for the next episode, instead of Kashf.

Towards the end of the episode, we see Kashf dream of her sister-in-law-to-be, Shumaila, at her wedding, but she is left alone for some reason. In the next promo, we see that Kashf probably mentioned her dream to someone due to which people then blame Kashf for Shumaila’s wedding (maybe) breaking off. Our question here is that, why would Kashf share the dream with people, knowing she cannot prevent the future, and that it would put her in a risky position with her in-laws-to-be?

Perhaps the show will explain how her future predictions can be changed if she acts on them on time. We’re excited to see whether or not her dreams literally manifest themselves, or are an indication of a different kind of reality. All in all, the drama has everything to keep us interested until the next episode. Meanwhile, you can watch the first episode here:





Eman Lakhany