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9 Jun

Kashf is the only character I’ve done that actually scared me: Hira Mani

Hira Mani

Hira Mani has become quite a household name in the last year or so with her jaw-dropping performances. Be it, Zaira in Ghalati, Gaiti in Do Bol, or Hania in Meray Pass Tum Ho, Hira has constantly given her fans performances to look forward to. Hira answered questions about this incredible growth in her acting prowess and her rise to stardom in an exclusive interview with the Something Haute.

Here are some of the most interesting things discussed during the interview:


1)  Ghalati was such a risky and strong topic, how did you decide to do it?

“It was a very sensitive topic. I don’t know why I get such scripts a lot. But when I talked to Saba (Hameed) about it, I really liked how the woman in the story stands strong. Of course, my fans were quite upset. After all, Affan (Waheed) and I were breaking up our beloved couple from Do Bol. However, we discussed that it might be worth the challenge because it’s a message worth sending,” Hira said.


2) You used to pray for your hard work to be recognized. Do you think people are acknowledging it now? 

“Yes, I’m getting immense praise and it feels so good. The thing is that industry sometimes makes people spend their entire lives in pursuit of recognition. I’ve been very lucky in that sense. I’ve also been quite selective in my scripts. When choosing a script, I try to play characters that make people forget my previous characters. I also never cared about whether I’m offered a supporting role or the main lead. I played second lead in my first show, Firaaq,” she said.


3) Do you ever feel the need to change yourself to fulfill certain expectations?

“If I change myself then I won’t stay true to myself. I always tell people that the very thing they want me to change is what sets me apart. My personality is quite focused on the present as someone who hasn’t quite realized that they’re a star,” she said.


4) Do you have any fears of this newfound stardom suddenly disappearing?

“No, I don’t have these fears. It’s because I don’t have great expectations from this work. If you don’t hold any then there is no room for disappointment. Yes, I have fears about not raising my kids properly or them failing etc. But this is just my work; I’m not living in a bubble. When I go home after work, I’m just a normal mother,” she replied.


5) Kashf touches on a theme that is very strong and also quite dangerous. How did you decide to play this character?

“As an actor, when you play a character, you embody it. However, with this, I was quite disturbed. I was so scared to do it because I was worried that if I was actually blessed with this ability, how will I cope. This is such a dangerous power to have. The team insisted that I do it though and there was so much room to grow with this character, largely because it’s drastically different from my original self. Hence I decided to do it,” Hira shared.


Hira discussed about what she believes makes a show great, her upcoming projects and more. You can watch the complete interview here:



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