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12 Jun

Kashmir’s new single Pari delivers a message of hope

Kashmir, the popular rock band from Karachi which rose to fame after emerging as the winner of the 2017 Pepsi Battle of the Bands, has just released a new music video for its latest single Pari.

The song is a beautiful rendition that revolves around hopelessness and providing support and encouragement. The music video, directed by Ashar Khalid, exquisitely compliments the vocals, with a running black and white aesthetic to enhance the overall melancholic feel of the song.



The video features a young girl, referred to as the titular Pari, who is in great despair. The lyrics, penned by the lead vocalist Bilal Ali himself, are pleasantly nurturing in the face of apparent anguish and the girl is seen intently listening on. The visuals then transition to a forest clearing with a girl seemingly dancing away her sorrows.

With Bilal Ali as the lead vocalist, Vais Khan as the lead guitarist, Usman Siddiqui on the bass guitar, Shane J Anthony on the drums, Zair Zaki as the rhythm guitarist and Ali Raza on the keyboard, the song Pari is meant to be a beacon of hope for those suffering from depression.

Pari portrays a strong message of optimism, and with a soft melody and beautiful composition, the song is sure to be a hit with fans of Kashmir. Watch it here:



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