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2 May

Khaadi is in for the win!

Khaadi has completely bowled us over this season. I saw the Chapter 2 collection about a week ago and it’s taken me this much time to get over the excitement of how amazing it was and I’m finally ready now to write about it. There is so much to talk about. From the silhouettes, the colour, the looks to the ensembles in their entirety – the earrings to the shoes. Everything was on point, each look, each outfit, and each design. If I could talk about each and every piece in the collection I would describe in detail what I found amazing. But I cant, so I’m going to try and contain my excitement, bring in a little composure and tell you why Chapter 2 is and should be the future of Pakistani fashion.

Let’s begin with the colour palette

This was the freshest combination of colours I’ve seen in a while. The entire palette was a breath of fresh air. From the beginning of the whites that developed into greys and blacks, further melting into the blues and then building up to a bright burst of greens, pinks and oranges. The best thing about the colour selection was that there was something for the whole year around. Khaadi pretty much developed a high fashion wardrobe for your entire year whether you were thinking deep and warm winter colours or fresh and cooling colours for a bright summer. Furthermore, I absolutely loved the colour blocking, the contrast and the progression of building the colours. The palette screamed innovation.


Next come the prints

Minimalism! We really need to understand the phrase ‘less is more’ in the fashion world. Just with the simplicity of using the traditional hand woven fabrics as a canvas of its own and using the composition of basic lines and stripes to make something so interesting that it’s modest. The effortlessness shows how fashion can evolve from the repetitive flower-bird print that every lawn brand is creating into something so classy and elegant.



Last but not least, the structure

I cannot repeat this enough. This is what we call progression in fashion. I don’t think I can explain this any better other than by just showing you the silhouettes. When I first saw them, I could picture women wearing these outfits to work in New York and that’s what got me hooked. The styles were so chic and sophisticated, like they were made for women to feel comfortable in their own skin. They’ve taken something as traditional as our kurtas and transformed them into urban fashion and that’s Khaadi’s brilliance.



This collection was a fashion revolution for me. It was artistic, intricacy in a simple design. It is everything I feel Pakistani fashion needs to progress into. I can’t wait for these outfits to be in stores because this is what I’ll be wearing all year around.



Marium Kamal

Marium Kamal is also a practicing artist, teaches film and is a well-known psychopath.