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13 Jun

Khaadi’s latest store brings in unprecedented footfall


Powerhouse Khaadi, which is always expanding its horizons with their stores worldwide, has gone on to open another grand store in Islamabad’s Giga mall. As part of a grand launch, the new store offered a whopping 35% discount over the weekend and you can just imagine how the crowd went wild! The mall was flooded with excited shoppers from the Capital and neighbouring Rawalpindi, who were probably there to purchase a lifetime stock. There was a mad rush for fashionable Eid outfits and every day wear for men and women. Khaadi has recently expanded their accessories line too and it is a hot seller, especially amongst young shoppers looking for trendy knick knacks to match with their outfits. The stores now stock a greater variety of shoes and bags ensuring you manage to find a complete Eid look under one roof!

As expected, the sale resulted in an enormous footfall and insane turnout, hence the store had to be closed for entry numerous times to be able to manage the customers inside, and then allow more people to come in one at a time. Furthermore, the dedicated customers were not interested in leaving even during iftar time to open their rozas, and neither were they urged to do so. The staff was kind enough to provide over 700 customers with dates, water and juices to open their fast while they shopped/waited in queue. While many would argue that splurging on retail therapy goes against the essence of Ramzan, it can at least be noted that a peaceful sale with a staff that is considerate enough is something we’d want to celebrate around the year!

We can’t ignore the fact that Khaadi has been under fire lately but thankfully the issue is being resolved legally, through proper channels, and the necessary steps are being taken to safeguard labour laws in the country.

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