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2 Jul

Khadijah Shah breaks silence over accusations of manhandling a worker

khadijah shah

It’s no surprise that fake news and subsequent cancel culture is a major problem in the media industry. People have had their entire careers ruined due to misinformation spread about their actions. Khadijah Shah, the creative director of Elan recently had to deal with a similar ordeal. A video message was circulated on social media that dragged her name through the mud, claiming that she allegedly tortured one of her workers; however, she immediately cleared the air with facts and proofs.

Khadijah shared an account of the entire incident on her Instagram story.


Khadija Shah


She first shared the message that was circulating about her. Supposedly, one of her workers circulated a video message in which he claimed that the designer has tortured her workers and locked them up for days when they asked for a raise. The message demanded that the government takes action against her for such gruesome acts.



She provided a detailed account of what actually went down with this particular worker. Apparently, the worker who is circulating the message stole 7000 pieces from Elan’s latest lawn collection since he worked in the packaging department of the company.



Later, when the missing inventory was noticed, an FIR was lodged against this man and he was taken into custody. Khadijah also cleared that he has in fact, issued an apology and asked to be pardoned.



She then addressed the people who were ready to cancel her. “Sorry to have gotten your hopes high of my self-destruction but I’m not into putting people in dungeons!” she wrote.



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