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13 May

Kiran Fine Jewellery: a gilded script

Kiran Aman with her graceful brand ambassador, Sonya Battla

I try not to presume, not to make assumptions and though I have known Kiran for years, I had never assumed that the jewelry she designs could be so impeccable, so perfect. I had seen some of her designs at the Lux Style Awards but they were more props for fashion presentations than anything else. When Kiran launched Revived, though featuring many of her pieces, the book was more about the women than the jewelry. Like most humble people, and I see Kiran as one of them, she never pushed herself; she was never ‘in your face’ as we love to put it. And so I, overwhelmed by the flashy warp and weave of fashion, didn’t really notice either. Until recently, jewelry designers usually registered as people who merely accessorized a collection. KFJ sort of turned that theory inside out. At the delightful opening of her jewelry store in Karachi yesterday, I saw her fast becoming to contemporary jewelry what Sonya Battla is to contemporary fashion. And so this collaboration made so much sense. One looks forward to what these two talented women create together. Needless to say, it will be worth its weight in gold!

The Haute Team

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