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10 Oct

Kiran and Fawad: The love story from Dil Nawaz everyone can relate to!

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The past two episodes of popular suspense and horror show Dil Nawaz see things getting more serious in the lives of the main characters, Kiran and Fawad.

We see Fawad move out of his home because he is upset with his mother for her crude agenda against Kiran. Unfortunately for him, he moves into the old abandoned house where Dil Nawaz the spirit is residing. The spirit begins to haunt Fawad from time to time, and though he can sense a presence with all the spooky occurrences, he is determined to not succumb to the fear. He continues to live in the house, fighting the power over it.

Meanwhile, Kiran too is determined to move on from her relationship with Fawad, refusing to marry him because of his mother’s ill-treatment. She agrees to meet other potential matches, though it is evident that she is as heartbroken by the idea as Fawad, who still continues to pursue her.

Dil Nawaz meanwhile is having a hard time as she faces some issues with both the bibis who have power over her.

What makes the show interesting is how one is able to relate to most parts of it. You may not believe in spirits and jinns but you are still able to empathize with the young couple, who have a strong connection with each other but are unable to get married because of family pressure. Will Kiran accept her latest proposal, is the question the last episode has left us with. Also, will Fawad finally stop pursuing her, after being told off by her mother? We hope not…

You can watch the complete episode here:

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