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11 Mar

Konnect – The super lifestyle app with everything you’ve been waiting for


Digital banking has gradually made its way in our lives and though it is still not a mode for the masses, the growth has a steady pace. I was also one of the opponents in the beginning, but all fears turn into smoke as soon as I got a first-hand experience of Konnect by HBL. With the fast pace city life, managing a hectic schedule and maintaining work-life balance is a Herculean task. Job, home and daily chores leave hardly any room for social engagements and then there are finances. So what to do?

Being a workaholic with a 9 to 5 job and then work assignments to attend, it was a struggle for me to take time out and visit the bank for withdrawals or deposits. And let’s not start about the ordeal of standing in a queue for your turn. I was encouraged by my colleagues to try the app ‘Konnect’ by HBL and manage my cash flow within my comfort zone and voila! I’ve tasted freedom. Now I don’t have to go to ATMs to always carry cash. I use the app to pay bills, recharge mobile credit, donate or make institutional payments.



At one instance I had to pay for some rental services and it was hard to figure out a way, the digital payment system of Konnect saved me from the hassle and then I thought about exploring this super application some more.

I can now be completely carefree as the application has come to my rescue whenever I’ve needed itMany a time I ran out of cash during my shopping spree or satisfied my hunger pangs at wee hours without fretting about how much money was in my purse. That’s not all, I was wandering in the mall on my day off from work and found out that the Sonic is out. I was eager to watch it then and there, however, judging by the anticipation of the movie, it was highly unlikely that I would be able to reach the cinema, buy a ticket (if any seats will be available by that time) and catch the show on time. That day I bought movie tickets through Konnect and guess what, I was so happy after watching the movie that I bought a few more for the next weekend for my nephew and niece. Life can’t get any better!




I started with an economy package but now my friends and I have availed all their packages. With a daily transaction limit of 25k to 50k, the subscription ranges are quite affordable and there’s one for foodies as well and I’m always up for good food with minimum damage to the pocket. That’s not all, a get-together with friends and night stays have become more exciting now as I can avail so many amazing discounts and deals. Late-night binge watching is more fun as I no more worry about getting up to find something to munch on.




When everything is a click away, sometimes one tends to spend a little carelessly but the app helped me to keep a check on my savings as well. I choose a budget-friendly package and then the offers, alliances and discounts make it efficient to stay within my limits.




It also gives a sense of empowerment and entitlement when you feel you’re driving your own life. I am not restricted by inconsequential problems like planning about how much money will I need in a week and how to be ready for emergencies round-the-clock. This leads to the million-dollar question that how can you also be carefree like me? Here’s the answer:


Konnect by HBL

To use the app all you need is a valid CNIC and a mobile number. No bank account required. Your mobile number just becomes your account number.

Now make life easy with just one swipe of your finger through Konnect!


The Haute Team

This article is written by one of our competent team members.