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13 Jun

10 things that would happen if our lives were straight out of desi dramas

Families (specifically desi) have the tendency of being hard on themselves as well as on others. There has to be at least one person who compels you to picture your life as a desi drama (read: local TV show). Yes, the sentence wouldn’t have had the same effect had the word desi not been in it – it’s almost magical!

Desi dramas are the raison d’être for many; for some, it’s an escape from reality and for others, it’s a subject they can relate to.  The characters shown in such shows have a distinct ability to waver between two extremes: either they remain immune to change, just like our beloved Meera’s age. Or they change too rapidly, just like our Twitter feed. You gotta either love them or hate them but nothing falls in between..

Now imagine if we lived our lives actually like they do in these TV shows. That would be fun, wouldn’t it? Here are some observations:


1. Old age swag


Age is a matter of grave concern for both men and women and if we picture life in a drama, we would be ageless. Old age would be all about designer eye-wear for the failing eyesight and expensive hand-woven Shahtoosh shawls to add to the grace.


2. Looking your best even when you wake up



Yes, we would all wake up caked in makeup wearing expensive chikankaari kurtas which we would never dare to sleep in, otherwise. That’s surely possible in reel life not real!


3. Dreams of a fairy tale wedding



Who wouldn’t dream of a fairy tale wedding? Though it’s a bit unsettling if our life revolves around it with the aim of hunting the right man who makes the dream come true.

4. Deadly confidantes



Relations are complicated and that too when it comes with our aunts, particularly our phuppos, if we may add. So let’s humour ourselves for a bit and have our phuppos as confidantes in dramas and not otherwise.

5. No bad hair days



Wouldn’t that be ideal if life is made effortless with no bad hair days?  Which, by the way, seems to be the case in dramas and we would love that to happen in real.

6. Round rotis



The sight of round rotis is quite heartening to the eyes. And how would life be if our biggest worry would be our failed attempts at making perfect round rotis.


7. Background music FTW




Every emotion would have a background music to add profundity to our worries – be it thunderclaps or the famous Channa Mereya.


8. The ideal bahu’s magic



The ideal bahu would be hosting tea parties for her mother-in-law accompanied by other idle women where everyone will enjoy freshly fried samosas and gulab jamuns over some gup shup.


9. The eligible rich guy



You’ll spot him driving a red Ferrari and what’s interesting is that he would be single and easily go weak in his knees seeing the aam larki play bittoo with friends in her compound.


10. Good girls always return



Lastly, good girls would always forgive their in-laws and would come running back to their churlish husbands despite being tortured for years.


Image Courtesy: Trust No Aunty by Maria Qamar

Mariam Hameedi

Sarcasm and witty puns are my best friends (also my worst enemies). I love turning my world around on its axis and soon the most ordinary events turn into the craziest stories.